Our Community

The P&C is run by parents that volunteer their time and expertise. All parents and carers of children attending NECS are P&C Members and we encourage everyone to get involved.
The P&C Committee manage the operations of the P&C and coordinates its activities.
The 2019 Committee is:

  • President - Jay Whitbred
  • Vice President - Sally Veikkanen
  • Treasurer - Julianne Tanner
  • Secretary - Bianca Bailetti

No previous experience is needed to become a member of the Committee, just enthusiasm and an interest in the well being of the NECS community. The types of functions the Committee members undertake are indicated below:


  • Leads the P&C in its activities and objectives.
  • Acts as a spokesperson and representative of the P&C.
  • Chairs meetings and develops Agenda with the Secretary.
  • Supports active engagement across the school community and encourages strong partnerships with the school executive and staff.


  • Supports the President and other Committee members in ensuring the smooth functioning of the P&C.
  • Takes on the duties of the President where the President is unavailable.
  • Supports the P&C in meeting its objectives.


  • Manages the general administrative business of the P&C.
  • Contributes to the smooth running of the P&C, including communications with the school community through:
    • providing notification of meetings;
    • maintaining the P&C website;
    • drawing up Agenda for meetings; and
    • taking and distributing Minutes from meetings.


  • Manages the finances of the P&C.
  • Receives and deposits funds, records all financial transactions and manages the P&C's bank accounts.
  • Prepares financial reports for each P&C meeting and audited annual statements for the AGM.