Support and Services for parents

Parentline ACT

A free confidential telephone service for parents and families in the ACT and surrounding area  parentline provides information about access to services the opportunity to receive initial support and to engage families with appropriate services as needed.

All parents at some time experience difficulties and stress....

  • need to know what's available for parents, teenagers and children?
  • need someone to talk to?
  • having a bad day and feeling you can't go on?
  • wanting to build better relationships in your family?
  • can't make sense of your child's or teenager's behaviour?
  • have you run out of ideas or energy?

phone: 6287 3833


Triple P

As we all know, kids don't come with an instruction manual  so whatever your parenting need, no matter how simple or complex, Triple P has the information, tip sheet, book, DVD, seminar, course or practitioner to help you.  Triple P is an evidence-based parenting program available worldwide, with over 25 years of proven clinical research to back it up, you can be sure triple p works for the majority of families.

Triple P helps you:

  • create a stable, supportive, harmonious family environment
  • teach your children the skills they need to get along with others
  • deal positively, consistently and decisively with problem behaviour should it arise
  • encourage behaviour you like.
  • develop realistic expectations of your children and yourself.
  • take care of yourself as a parent.

The great thing is that you can choose how you  do Triple P  you might like the interaction of a group course  perhaps you'd rather talk to a Triple P practitioner on an individual basis, or you may prefer to do Triple P at home using the self-help resources  to register your interest in an upcoming program please contact the school on 6142 3828  for further information regarding Triple P please visit their website

Parentlink - Parenting guides

Easy-to-read information on many of the issues faced by parents from birth through to adolescence. The parenting guides are a valuable information source for parents, carers and professionals  the guides have been developed from research in conjunction with appropriate experts and are widely used throughout Australia.

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