Contributions - each year the School Board requests a single Voluntary Contribution for each child attending the school to contribute towards the running of the school. In 2018 this fee will be $110.00 per child.

Book Packs/Resource Contributions – each year families are asked to contribute to classroom resources. Payment is made direct to the school as we purchase all student stationery items in bulk to minimise cost and effort for families. In 2018 the amount will be $75.00 per child.

How to make payments to NECS (for Voluntary Contributions, Book Packs, Excursions, Uniforms etc.):
1. Online through QuickWeb, a secure payment site accessible through our school website

  • Log on to and click on the Payment tab then the QuickWeb link
  • Fill out the mandatory fields marked with a green asterisk
    • Student Key is the first 5 characters of your child’s surname followed by the first character of their given name
    • Family Key is the first 5 characters of your surname followed by the first character of your given name
    • Select a payment option from the list provided and enter in free text details of the payment you are marking in the field marked Fee code / payment description 1 and then fill out the amount being paid
  • Click on next and enter in your credit or debit card details to proceed to confirmation

The school will receive notification of your payment and have access to the details that you have submitted to confirm what the payment is for and the amount

2. With exact cash at the Front Office. Please note we do not store cash and have limited ability to provide change.