What does the P&C do?

The P&C can help you get answers to your questions by seeking information on your behalf, putting you in touch with the right people and providing opportunities for you to get together with other families and compare experiences. Isn't it all fundraising and meetings? Well yes…and no! The P&C's primary focus is on building strong partnerships with the school leadership and promoting a sense of community at NECS.

We also try to do a bit of fundraising throughout the year that can be invested back in the school for the benefit of all children. We'd love to hear your ideas for fundraising and spending money!

Fundraising activities and P&C meetings provide great opportunities to meet new families and share ideas.

The P&C meets twice each term - meetings are relaxed and informal and sometimes even fun! The school principal and child care manager attend and it's a great opportunity to find out what's happening at the school.