Move and Groove

Teacher and kids play guitar together

Move and Groove is a targeted program aimed to promote development in language, physical and social skills through music and strengthen the parent-child relationship.  This program is a research based program facilitated by a Music Therapist and school Community Coordinator.

Literacy is the capacity, confidence and disposition to use language in all its forms.  In the early years literacy includes a range of modes of communication including music, movement, dance, story telling, visual arts, media and drama, as well as talking, reading and writing (The Early Years Learning Framework 2009)

Facilitators use musical instruments, puppets, parachutes and a range of other props to engage children and their parents/carers in a fun learning experience through music.

Move and Groove is a free eight week program on Thursdays from 9:30-10:30am during school term in the school library.

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For further information please contact Donna Seal, Community Coordinator on 6142 3828, email: